5th Joint Technology Workshop (JSIP)

The CDTI and his Japanese counterpart agency, NEDO, in collaboration with SERNAUTO, organized under the Bilateral Technology Cooperation Programme Hispano – Japanese JSIP (Japan Spain Innovation Program), the 5th Joint Technology Workshop.

The University of Jaen will be attending to this event with 2 researchers in the field of Sustainable Mobility, members of the TIC-144 Group (http://gggj.ujaen.es/?q=en):

Dr. Francisco R. Feito is full-professor and Researcher of the “Smart City Jaen” & “Recarga Jaen” projects. Email: ffeito@ujaen.es | Phone number: +34 953 212446

Dr. Manuel Herrador is the Head Researcher of the “Smart City Jaen” project and developer of the “Recarga Jaen“. Email: mherrador@ujaen.es | Phone number: +34 953 212902

The purpose of the participation of the University of Jaen is to introduce an innovative and patented (code no. ES2469101 B1) Smart Device based on a QR codes reader as a time-controller switch which is isolated from telecommunications, and can work with any method of charge (standard, fast charging, induction…) since the patented electronic module is separated from the electric one.

This device can be integrated in already-existing infrastructures due it is very small, such as street lights, phone cabins, traffic lights or even any existing charging stations. Besides, it provides security, affordability and ease of use, the University of Jaen developed a charging station using the previous patent as the following video illustrates (available with Spanish subtitles):

This smart device has electro mobility as one of its main applications, however, it could be integrated into any time-controlled-based devices such as street lights, buildings, for access control…

The device required a web platform for general management (such as admin panel, user frontend using a GIS based on Google maps), the solution “Recarga Jaen” also integrates an innovative business model of “incentivized sustainable mobility” (for more details about the business model we published an article in “Sustainability” JCR-rated Journal (amongst other publications)).

Next video details how the web platform works (available with English subtitles):

The University of Jaen is seeking for partnerships with institutions related to Smart Devices in order to exploit the business possibilities.

Furthermore, we would like to (preferably) participate in H2020 projects (such as “MOBILITY FOR GROWTH” or “GREEN VEHICLES”, since we have experience preparing a FP7 and 2 H2020 related to Sustainable Mobility. Post-doctoral research is also an interesting choice for continue the research and develop business opportunities, this can be done via the ERC (H2020) programme and the EurekaSD programme the University of Jaen is member.

For any inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you~

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